• Mammogram   St. John’s Medical Center  ERIC LOVELY
• One Year of Coffee Delivered Snake River Roasting  SHERRY WIETERS
• Dinner and a Movie  The Wort Hotel  SPENCER LONG
• Four Snow Tires and Winter Care Kit  Shervin’s  ERIC JOHNSON
• Dinner & Drinks for Four   Café Genevieve  JOHN BRODIE
• Keg of Beer  Snake River Brewing  NELSON NOLAN
• Gourmet Food Basket  Jackson Whole Grocer  IWONA BUKATO
• MADE  John Frechette Glass Class for Five WARREN OSTLER
• Driver’s Ecucation  JH Driving Academy  ZAC ROSSER for RUBY

Call (307) 413-3032 to claim your prizes. Thank you all for your
participation in our raffle.


For out-of-towners coming to see Robert Randolph & The Family Band on August 26 at JacksonHoleLive!, Snow King Resort is offering special lodging rates for Saturday and Sunday, August 25 & 26.

Enjoy a relaxing stay before and after the show with restaurant, lounge, pool, hot tub and free Wi-Fi just a block away from the concert.

$149*/night including breakfast for up to 2 people/room/night

Reservations: 800-522-5464
Ask for the “Robert Randolph Special”

More information: www.SnowKing.com


JH Weekly, August 22, 2012

Read online: http://planetjh.com/2012/08/22/funkin-gospel-steel-sabbath/


Jackson Hole, Wyo.-The most rock-oriented rippers of all pedal-steel players, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, will close a successful inaugural run of concerts for JacksonHoleLive during what will now be “sacred steel Sunday.”

Many Jacksonites first saw the Randolph experience at the Jackson Hole Music Festival in 2008. At the time, Randolph’s touring band consisted of two additional pedal steel players backed by electric guitar, bass, organ and drums. From bootlegs as recent as Aug. 12, however, it appears that the Family Band has been trimmed to a quartet. Read More
Sunday, August 26 EARLY SHOW 3:00 pm • Free

Robert Randolph & The Family Band

Opening acts: Benyaro & Elk Attack

Lace up your boogie shoes for this Sacred Steel Sunday. Robert Randolph and the Family Band is a multicultural American funk and soul band led by pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph. The pedal steel is referred to in many African-American Pentecostal churches as Sacred Steel. “I grew up in the House of God church. The pedal steel was a big part of our church tradition. I grew up watching older guys play, and I started playing when I was fifteen. When I was nineteen, someone gave me tickets to a Stevie Ray Vaughan concert. After that, I wanted to play pedal steel like Stevie Ray played his guitar.” Randolph’s concerts are known for their lively stage performances, with Randolph content to let the rest of the band play on while he dances. Dance is an integral part of the concerts.


Visit the Merchandise Tent at the Snow King Ball Park entrance on Sunday, August 26 to purchase raffle tickets.

Choose your prize:
• One Mammogram   St. John’s Medical Center
• One Year of Coffee Delivered Snake River Roasting
• Dinner and a Movie  The Wort Hotel
• Four Snow Tires and Winter Care Kit  Shervin’s Independent Oil
• Dinner & Drinks for Four   Café Genevieve
• Keg of Beer  Snake River Brewing
• Local Lover’s Gourmet Food Basket  Jackson Whole Grocer
• MADE in Jackson Hole  Frechette Glass Belt Buckle Class for Five
• $300 Voucher for Driver’s Ecucation  JH Driving Academy

More information: Facebook/JacksonHoleLive


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